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A Clean Car is a Safe Car

A Dirty Car is Not Safe on the Road

While you usually think of a clean car as looking better, you may not have given much thought to how it also improves safety.

A professionally detailed vehicle, especially one with restored headlights, is safer to drive because of dramatically increased visibility.

Crystal Clear Headlights Shine Brighter

Your headlights are important. Since your headlights are in the front of your car, they are exposed to everthing the road has to offer: wind, debris and rocks. When headlights become dirty or clouded over time their ability to illuminate the road ahead is substantially reduced. Additionally, other drivers cannot see your car as well. Thus it's extremely important to keep your headlights clean and clear for safety. If your headlights seem to have a thick fog or haze over them, it's time for professional headlight restortation.

Clean Windows Mean Safe Windows

Having clean windows improves your ability to see traffic and potential hazards; you might not notice a small amount of dirt or dust covering your car's windows, but over time, this layer of dirt can grow and your visibility can become greatly reduced. In extreme cases, this filth can turn into a distraction, making it difficult to see other cars or pedestrians.

Give the Gift of Safety

If you're concerned about someone you love driving a dirty car, get in touch and we will make sure to take care of the situation. A thorough cleaning inside and out makes a car safer and more comfortable on the road.

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