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Recent Research Indicates Floridians Need Their Cars Cleaned

Does Your Car's Interior Look Like This?

Studies show that married people have significantly dirtier cars than single people.

Unfortunately, according to a Healthy House Institute® sponsored study about car cleanliness, it's true. Dr. Charles P. Gerba and Sheri L. Maxwell were the ones that conducted the study for the institute. They're findings indicate that our state's married couples have some of the dirtiest cars around. But fortunately, it doesn't have to stay that way. Our mobile auto detailing services can help all Floridians, single or married, quickly and affordably get on the path to cleanliness.

On Site Mobile Detailing

Our mobile auto detailing team will go where directed and clean all of the areas noted in the two researchers' study. In case you're wondering, their list included, but wasn't restricted to steering wheels, dashboards, radio knobs, seat belts, seats and door handles. Our complete car and SUV detailing services include those items and more. For example, we'll deep clean motor vehicles' leather interiors, shine the tires, restore the headlights and wash the rims. We'll even hand wax the exterior and provide professional claybar treatment too. So, there's no chance that one of our customer's vehicles will ever show up on an 'America's Dirtiest Cars' list.

Benefits of a Clean Car

If restoring Florida's image isn't enough motivation to schedule mobile auto detailing, consider the other benefits of keeping a vehicle clean. For starters, it will help extend the vehicle's lifespan and improve roadway visibility. In addition, foul odors and nasty pathogens will be kept at bay. Plus, keeping the vehicle clean may just protect your clothes and personal items from damage too. Just ask anyone who's ever brushed up against a vehicle and gotten road tar, motor oil, anti-freeze, road deicer, grease or other hard to remove substances on to their clothing. And we haven't even begun to talk about what detailing can do to a vehicle's resale value! To experience these benefits from our mobile auto detailing services, please schedule an appointment with Top Shine Mobile Detailing.

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