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Found A Scratch on Your Car?

Red car with major scratches

You found a scratch on your car, and it's pretty bad (at least you think it is). Not knowing who is accountable for it, when it happened, and how you’re going to fix it without spending lots of money are all thoughts that are circulating your mind on repeat. Relax. Fortunately, there are scratch removers that will prove scratches aren’t permanent.

Scratch Removal Products

With a ton of scratch removal products to shop for, it may be hard deciding which one to buy. Here is a list of the best car scratch removal products of 2021 to help you decide. Results do vary depending on the product and may even be a temporary fix. Purchasing a scratch removal product is the quick and easy way out. So what do you do?

Hire A Professional Detailer

Have a professional mobile detailer take a look at the scratch you found on your car. They will be able to tell you the severity of the scratch and what procedures will take place to get it removed. Be cautious about any false advertising or even buying over the counter products that can further damage the exterior of your car.

Why Top Shine Mobile Detailing?

Removing scratches is something we can help with. Top Shine can take that stress off of your plate! If you have any questions regarding interior detailing packages and pricing, simply give Top Shine Mobile Detailing a call at (954-290-6334) or check out our website for more information.

A Few Additional Tips to Have a Healthier Car Environment:

  • Don't Eat in the Car
  • Keep Your Trunk Free of Stuff
  • Clean the Engine
  • Clean the Air Intakes
  • Don't Re-circulate the Air Conditioning
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