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Headlight Restoration Improves Nighttime Visibility

Visibility at Night

The Federal Highway Administration has long noted the role nighttime visibility plays in traffic accidents.

That's why the US Department of Transportation is always encouraging government workers to properly maintain roadways, signage and lighting. But improving nighttime visibility doesn't just fall under the realm of the Department of Transportation. Motorists and automotive industry members must do their part too. So, what can be done to keep the roads safe for everyone? Let's take a quick look:

Experts Agree

Experts widely agree that with their headlights on drivers can see anywhere from 160 to 500-feet in front of them on a clear night. Of course that's providing the vehicle's lamps are not discolored, cloudy and in desperate need of headlight restoration. Conditions like that can not only significantly decrease a driver's ability to see far ahead but alter their judgment and cause deadly glare situations to erupt. A very interesting study about that appeared in a 2014 issue of Perception magazine. It analyzed driver judgment in relation to age and headlight glare.

Clean Headlights Improve Safety

There have been other studies about headlights' impact on driving safety too. They essentially all say that headlight glare can significantly raise a driver's reaction and recovery times while lowering visibility distance, thereby potentially leading to more accidents. Good thing professional headlight restoration has been proven to improve visibility for the average driver. Why does it work?

Simply put, headlight restoration removes surface elements (e.g. grime, weathering and dust) that prevent a motor vehicle's lamps from operating as the manufacturer intended. Understandably, that doesn't mean that the vehicle's headlamps shouldn't be tested and replaced from time to time. Drivers who are unsure if their vehicle's headlights need replacing should consider having them tested with the aid of a handheld, digital light meter and multi-meter.

To learn more about headlight restoration, please contact us at Top Shine. We can restore a motor vehicle's headlights separately or add the job to our complete mobile detailing service. The choice is yours and previous customers' reviews speak for themselves.

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