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Let Us Get the Love Bugs Off Your Car

Love Bugs on Front Bumper

One thing is certain about love bugs, they can cause quite a mess on your car's front end.

They have a nasty habit of getting on every inch of a car, truck or motorcycle's clear coat, metal and glass. And if left there too long, their remains will eat away at the vehicle's finish. So, when love bug season kicks off in Florida there is really only one thing to do, schedule mobile detailing in Broward County.

Visiting Brick-and-Mortar Car Washes is Counterproductive

Why is calling for mobile detailing in Broward County the best course of action to take? For starters, it saves having to drive to a car wash. Driving to and from a car wash during love bug season is really counterproductive. After all, love bug splatter occurs while vehicles are moving. So, no sooner than you wash away the residue and leave the car wash bay, the process will start all over again. Talk about a real waste of money!

Mobile Detailing in Broward County is the Better Option

Mobile detailing, on the other hand, gives vehicles respite from the incessant bug splatter. Consequently, you can actually leave your shiny, clean car parked until certain times of the day when the love bugs are seemingly at rest. Florida's entomologists widely agree that peak splatter time throughout April and May is 10 a.m. until sunset. On top of that, mobile detailing services in Broward County include more than just removing love bugs from a motor vehicle's exterior.

Keep Passengers from Going Buggy

At Top Shine, our mobile detailing professionals will clean motor vehicle interiors too. Thus, any love bugs that manage to get into the vehicle and die won't cause your car pooling buddies or other passengers to go buggy. Remember, love bug splatter does more than just ruin the exterior of a vehicle. It can stain upholstery, fabrics, plastic dashboards and other materials too.

To learn more about mobile detailing in Broward County and how it can help your vehicles survive love bug season unscathed, please contact us at Top Shine Mobile Detailing today.

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