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Mobile Car Detailer in Pembroke Pines Protects Your Investment

Regular Car Detailing Protects Your Investment

Besides your home, your car is one of your biggest investments; keeping it regularly detailed protects that investment.

You fill your car with gas when necessary, arrange for regular tune-ups, and fix any performance issues as they arise. When you take good care of your car, you can depend on it to get you to the places you need to go for many years.

While preventive maintenance and repairs are important, many drivers overlook the importance of regular professional washing services for their cars. If you rarely or never wash your car, think of it in terms of preventive maintenance for the exterior. Frequent car washes improves your car's appearance, protects the exterior, and increases resale value should you decide to trade it in or sell it in the future.

The Car Wash Solution for Busy People

Top Shine Mobile Detailing recognizes that people are busy. Between work, family, and social obligations, you may not have the time to bring your car in for a professional wash. That is why we offer a mobile car wash in Pembroke Pines. When you book an appointment, a member of our team arrives at your home, business, or other designated location with all of the equipment necessary to make your vehicle shine. This 105-minute session includes the following services:

  • Hand washing
  • Claybar treatment
  • Drying
  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Deep cleaning of the interior
  • Cleaning of tires and rims
  • Hand waxing using paste wax
  • Tire shining
  • Shampooing of the mats and carpets
  • Shampooing of cloth seats
  • Deep cleaning of leather if it is present in your vehicle

Why You Should Choose a Professional Mobile Car Wash Service

Driving your car through an automated washing machine may be cheaper, but the quality can't compare to having it washed professionally by hand. Many of our customers tell us they feel like they are driving a brand new car after they see what we can do. When you arrange for professional mobile car washing, you're treating your car like the important investment that it is.

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