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Do I Need My Headlights Restored?

before and after of a car headlight

Headlight restoration services is something you can find at just about any high quality mobile detailing service. It may be time to get your headlights restored if you are facing the following symptoms on your headlights: Foggy or Cloudy Headlights Hard To See The Lights

Foggy or Cloudy Headlights

When your headlights become hazy or foggy, that is the headlight lens cover that is facing dirt or UV rays. Overtime, your headlights can become hazy which is completely normal. The coating is designed to prevent scratches and other damage. If you do see your headlights fogging up or looking cloudy, we recommend calling a professional detailer to do the job.

front headlight

Hard To See The Lights

Driving at night can be dangerous when one or more of your headlights are out(it is also unlawful). What can also be just as dangerous is driving with headlights that are limiting your ability to see the roads at night. If you are driving your vehicle at night and find it hard to see because of your headlights, you will need to get your headlights restored.

Why Top Shine Mobile Detailing

Restoring your headlights is something we can help with. Top Shine can take that stress off of your plate! If you have any questions regarding interior detailing packages and pricing, simply give Top Shine Mobile Detailing a call at (954-290-6334) or check out our website for more information.

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