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Plagued by Pollen in South Florida? Car Detailing Helps

Is Your Car Covered With Dust

Here in southern Florida, pollen season can start as early as January and last through November.

Tree pollen season is now in full swing, and can result in a yellow film building up on your car. This film can not only make it dingy looking, but irritate your nasal passages. One way to eliminate pollen from your vehicle is with our mobile detailing service in South Florida.

Relief From Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, washing your vehicle could cause them to flare up and make you miserable. Not only that, but keeping your vehicle clean can also be time consuming, and may interfere with all the other spring cleaning chores you have on your agenda. Top Shine Mobile Detailing can save you time, while also preventing allergy flare-ups that could keep you from enjoying our beautiful Florida sunshine.

Remove Pollen From Car Interior

Pollen is not only a problem outside your car, but inside as well. For this reason, we offer a variety of detailing packages that will leave your vehicle spotless both inside and out. To remove pollen, tree sap, bugs and other substances that could affect your car's paint, we recommend a hand wash followed by a wax to prevent future damage. To eliminate pollen, dust mites or other irritants from your upholstery and carpet, we advise an interior shampoo and detail be performed on a regular basis as well.

Our mobile detailing service ensures you don't have to worry about pollen ruining the looks of your vehicle. You also won't have to stress over cleaning your car, since we come to your location, and can easily take care of detailing while you are at work. Schedule an appointment directly on our website or call (954) 290-6334 to schedule an appointment anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Plantation, Florida.

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