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3 Reasons to Choose Top Shine Mobile Car Detailing

Florida Sunshine on Shiny Car

Whether you realize it or not, that car in your driveway is more than a ride: it's an important investment that deserves to be protected. You wouldn't go too long between oil changes, would you? A regular maintenance program is imperative to the longevity of your vehicle. Periodic cleaning and waxing should be part of that program.

Here are three great reasons to keep your car clean, inside and out:

Florida Bugs

We like living in Fort Lauderdale and so do billions of bugs. Just take a quick peek at your windshield after an afternoon drive to see ample evidence of that messy fact. Truth is, big splatter is more than a mere eyesore: the chemicals exuded by smashed insects can eat away at your car's finish. Top Shine will rid your ride of bothersome bugs and provide a smooth waxed finish that's harder for insects to stick to.

Severe Sunshine

They don't call Florida "The Sunshine State" for nothing, you know. We get more days of brilliant sunshine in Fort Lauderdale than almost any other city in the United States. The number of rays received is great for oranges, not so wonderful for car finishes. A thorough detailing followed by a hand-applied wax job will go a long way toward protecting your vehicle from sun fading.

Commuter Comfort

If you're like most Floridians, you spend numerous hours in your car during the course of a week. Those hours might be dedicated to a work commute or to the simple joy of motoring on a sunny day-- in either case, you'll have a better time in a car that's sparkling clean. A cluttered car interior is demoralizing, whereas a tidy ride increases driver and passenger happiness exponentially.

Now that you understand the importance of driving a clean car, you may be wondering how to fit regular car washes into your busy schedule. No worries. Top Shine Mobile Car Detailing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers at-your-location car detailing service six days a week. Schedule an Appointment Today.

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